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RAFA NADAL MUSEUM is a trademark of Centre Esportiu Manacor S L c/ Rambla del Rei In Jaume 14 1º, Manacor 07500 with CIF number B57717035



Tickets for the RAFA NADAL MUSEUM are not refundable. Therefore, in the event of a cancellation, the total amount of the purchase will be charged.



RAFA NADAL MUSEUM has been designed and built so you can enjoy the facilities to the fullest. We ask that you comply with these rules so we can achieve together a wonderful stay for you.



1. You must purchase tickets in the authorized and designated points.
2. Anyone who does not have a ticket for the chosen pass may be expelled from our facilities, so we ask that you keep your ticket on hand during your stay since our personnel may request to see it at any time.
3. The loss or misplacement of your ticket does not entitle you for reimbursement. Once the visit has begun, no change or return will be allowed.
4. Each ticket has the following information: date and time of the visit and the type of visit. Please pay attention to this information.
5. It is strictly prohibited to maintain improper conduct that may disturb other visitors and/or alter the public, such as: screaming, blocking any exit or hallway, verbally or physically attack other visitors or RAFA NADAL MUSEUM personnel, or be in an evident state of intoxication.
6. Such individual/s that cause material damage within the complex will be responsible for such damage and must repair or replace it.
7. Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere in the RAFA NADAL MUSEUM facilities.
8. Food and/or drinks are not allowed in the RAFA NADAL MUSEUM facilities. (This establishment has a BAR – Restaurant available).
9. Animals are not allowed in the complex with the exception of dog guides.
10. For hygiene reasons and out of respect for others, accessing the facilities with an exposed torso, be barefoot or in swimwear is prohibited.
11. The use and consumption of drugs and/or other narcotics is strictly forbidden.
12. RAFA NADAL MUSEUM is not responsible for the loss or for stolen objects in their facilities.
13. Safekeeping of exhibit pieces. It is strictly prohibited to touch exhibits. There is an alarm system that monitors the facilities and the exhibit.
14. Microphones. The use of amplified microphones is prohibited.
15. Photographs. Exposed objects and the facilities can be photographed with handheld devices. You must request a permit from the RAFA NADAL MUSEUM Management if you want to use tripods or professional equipment.
16. The use of an extensible stick with an automatic trigger to take pictures or selfies is prohibited.
17. Baby Strollers. Strollers are allowed in the RAFA NADAL MUSEUM facilities.
18. RAFA NADAL MUSEUM can exercise their right to remove any visitors who fail to comply with the rules. If this were the case, they are not entitled to the reimbursement of their tickets.
19. According to the center’s emergency plan, visitors must follow the Evacuation of the RAFA NADAL MUSEUM instructions in the event of the interruption of services. If you have any questions, please consult with any of our personnel who are at your disposal.

Thank you for your cooperation

RAFA NADAL MUSEUM assumes no responsibility, for any damage or loss of profits, in the event of the interruption of Services, delays, errors, service malfunction, and in general, other inconveniences that originate out of the control of RAFA NADAL MUSEUM, and/or due to a painful act or fault of User(s) and/or due to a Force Major. Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 1105 of the Civil Code, all events outside the control of RAFA NADAL MUSEUM, such as: third party operators or service companies, acts or omissions of the Public Authorities, those produced as a result of natural phenomena, blackouts, etc., and the attack of hackers or specialized third parties to the security or integrity of the system.